Mojos And A Journey

Yesterday, I was invited over to W’s, who had planned to make so called Mojos with some friends. Mojos consist of a piece of fabric that is sewn or wrapped up to a little pocket, then filled with herbs and other stuff and finally closed by a ribbon or by sewing. The finished cushion can the painted or emboidered. Mojos are made to serve a magical purpose, like supporting a wish to come true, for health and so on. W showed us an old Mojo his Grammy made almost 50 years ago! 🙂 After making a Mojo, one can bring it to a God and ask him to take care for the purpose it is connected with. After that, you can wear it around your neck or carry it with you in your pocket or place it in a place that’s meaningful to you.

I put in mine: dried dadelion petals (reminded me of Lord Shiva), a tiny shell (for Ginny), a bit of black pepper (protection), a piece of root (have forgotten what it was exactly. Connected with the root chakra), a bit of sugar (to see the sweet side of life) and a pinch of earth I have brought from the gardens at work (for growing). I guess if you’d brew a tea out of that, it would be disgusting LOL

I am not very talented in sewing, so I just used a ribbon to close it and added some symbols by painting them on (Shiva’s eye, a flower and a heart). It turned out quite nice. When we were finished, we put all the Mojos on a plate, added flowers, booze and cookies and prayed over them and asked the Gods to send their power into them.

Afterwards, M made dinner for us. So delicious! I have never eaten yam before. It reminded me of a kind of potatoe, but I guess John wouldn’t be delighted if I’d ask M for the recipe 🙂 When I returned home, I felt so good, like full of good conversations and good food 🙂

Yesterday, my sweet husband has booked a one week trip for us, last minute. From Feb 28th to Mar 5th we’ll be in Fuerteventura. It’ll be my first flight ever and I’m nervous as hell, but John said that if I manage to cope with this situation, then I’ll be able to go anywhere with him. I know it’s one of the things he wishes for most, just to be able to see as much of the world as possible. After our trips in the past, I’m a bit more confident that I’ll make it, even more because John said that if I do, he’ll have a nice surprise for me 🙂 So, I’m off now to write down my luggage list and get my chores done.


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