Gurly Things

On Saturday during breakfast, John announced that in the evening we’d go out for dinner and that he had planned a little surprise for me. Of course I was eager to find out what exaclty it was, but he didn’t tell 🙂 So the day passed by as usual. About 20 minutes before we wanted to leave, John caught me in our bedroom where I was about to dress. He tossed something on the bed I didn’t recognise in an instance, uttering “put that on”.  When I figured out what it was, I was a bit speechless. He had thrown me a sanitary towel. Uhm. He laughed mildly. “What is it?”. Uhm, I dunno, didn’t expect that. He smiled. “Gurls have their times, right?” Yeah, right, but… He just smiled faintly, nodded in the sanitary towel’s direction and left me standing there. I was puzzled, but took it up. It was thick and soft. Well, I’ve lived together with women and I’m used to having those or tampons around in the bathroom, but there has never been the need to touch one of them, or even to wear it. My mouth was dry, when I shoved it up my panty. It didn’t really fit well as the panty is obviously already a bit tight with my clit in it and I feared it might stick to my trousers.

When I had them on, I felt strange, because my bulge had become very eye-catching. And it also had an effect on how I walked. John was waiting for me downstairs and just grinned when he saw me. “You’re ready?” Uhm, dunno, can’t I just…. He pretended he didn’t hear me, took our jackets and left. I followed. On our way to the restaurant, he let his fingers wander, feeling up that bulge. I had not expected that it would turn me on like it did.

I presume the dinner was awesome, but my thoughts were only with that sanitary towel and the constant, subtle touch of its softness against my hard clit. Back in the car, he allowed me to touch myself, but only above my trousers. I got so wet, I was actually glad to have that sanitary towel. At home, we barely made it to the bedroom. I was so horny! John took his time as usual, made me dress up in a garter belt and a bra, with that panty still on. He gave me a severe spanking, using a horsewhip, then taking care for my tits by clamping and rubbing them. Ugh. I’m not able to cum by nipple play alone, but on Saturday I thought I was not far from cumming. It was so freaking hot. He began touching my clit through the panty and his not so little surprise, then pushed the sanitary towel aside and fondled my clit with just one finger while little but powerful stimulators were placed on my nips. I don’t know how often he actually edged me. It’s difficult for me to cum by having my clit rubbed like a girl and without real wanking, but I was so aroused, I finally anaged to experience an orgasm that shook me fiercely. Oh boy. You know, if John’s in the mood to allow me to cum, then he enjoys driving me nuts and fuck me only afterwards, to make me savour it fully and crave for his cock even more. Ugh. After he had climaxed, he made me suck him clean, then pulled me near. I was a bit sore, especially on the back, but I was so thankful and well, high on love 🙂

When we had both calmed down a bit, he told me that he wants me to wear a sanitary towel all weekend and to refresh it each time I go to the toilet, just like a woman would. I did. To be honest, that was connected with a lot of confusing feelings. On the one hand, I liked his idea. He’s very detail-oriented, even in our games, and it showed me that he’s really O.K. with be cross-dressing and all. On the other hand, it was annoying to have that bulge down there, and I felt a bit abashed and ridiculous, which again led to severe arousal 🙂

Yesterday evening, when John finally allowed to put the last sanitary towel away, he pulled me near and said that I’ve been a good gurl and that good gurls are allowed to wear a bikini during the holidays. Ugh! He had already bought one! I totally freaked out, like, you know, dancing around in the house 🙂 He knows my size and he had bought a bikini with one string around the neck and one around the chest-line so that I could make it fit me perfectly. The bikini panty also has little bows on both sides. So cute! He told me that of course I don’t have to wear that bikini at the pool or when we’re on the beach, but that he’d love me to wear it in our room, just for him. I’ll happily do that 🙂 Well, and at the pool I’ll be wearing a shirt with my bathing trunks, because I bet all the marks from the horsewhip won’t be gone until then.


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