I’m back home 🙂 Our holidays were fantastic and I enjoyed them thoroughly. During the flight from Germany to Fuerte, first I was really scared, but John kept holding my hand and once the plane was in the air, I was able to relax. And they served a nice vegetarian meal as well 🙂 The people were really friendly and we as a gay couple felt good among them. The most beautiful sunsets, stunning beaches, a nice hotel with a superb restaurant and walks by the sea to talk, talk, talk the day and night away. We had a hire car and saw a lot of the island, and John made about 800 pictures 🙂 I was so thankful for anything and could really relax and enjoy myself. Sigh.

John had promised me a little surprise and I was so happy when on our last evening on this beautiful island, he presented me with my 2nd pearl for my Pandora charm bracelet, a little heart-shaped lock with a key. He blinked and said that’s not only for his heart but also for my Birdlock LOL

In our hotel, we had a big room with our own patio, where I was able to wear my bikini without anybody noticing. I always felt like I suddenly only consisted of boobs, because they seemed so big in that bikini, but I liked it and John obviously as well. I spent most of the time as Ginny, with my small silicone boobs on and with a dress. It’s always nice to be somewhere where nobody knows you. Everything’s so liberated, then. On a market, I found some pretty handmade hairslides, and John presented me with a scarf. I like those souvenirs, they remind me of a good time 🙂

Before we had flown to Fuerte, John had made contact with a man who likes sissies like me, and we met. He’s English, but has been living in Fuerte for more than 30 years now. It turned out that he’s not just into Sissys, but also likes to dress gurlish. He was a kind person, but I could feel that John was a bit uncomfortable with this situation, because he had made that appointment only to have me used and not to watch an elderly guy in stockings. Afterwards, we had a conversation about what John called “aesthetics”. He thought an elderly man with so much wrinkles and flaccid skin shouldn’t dress up gurlish because that just makes him look pathetic and ridiculous. I could see his point, because yes, somehow he was pathetic and ridiculous, at least at first. On the other hand, he was very competent in showing his feminine and submissive side, very genuine, and the longer we had been with him, the more I could see that. Uhm, I dunno.

To be honest, I hope we’ll return to Fuerte one day, because there would still be so much to explore, and I’d like to go hiking there next time. John and I are discussing our next trip 🙂


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