Still Practicing Yoga

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Yoga, so I thought I might give a quick update 🙂 Well, I’m still practicing Yoga on a regular basis. At the moment, I’m attending two courses (one of them will end in April) and I try not to miss any units. Over the time, I’ve gotten a bit more comfortable with being “exposed” to a group of people and I’m able to close my eyes for longer periods of time without fearing I might miss any threats or whatever. Moving around the room, especially to dance, is still not easy for me. I would avoid that if I did it on my own.

My teacher has asked me about what I think about becoming a Yoga teacher. To be honest, this question bothered me, because I don’t see myself as capable of being a teacher. I think in general I miss any qualities a teacher should have and fail to regard myself as a person of authority. I don’t strive to be more than a pupil. Moreover, I think if you want to be a Yoga teacher, Yoga should mean more to you than it does to me. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m really into Yoga and am very thankful for what I find in Yoga, but it’s not a kind of lifestyle for me. I like what it does to my body and, on good days, to my soul, but I also struggle a lot with some teachings and don’t regard myself als “the Yogi”, if you know what I mean. I don’t even see myself as a great worshipper for Lord Shiva. I honour my spiritual side, but I know I could easily get lost in it, so I prefer to back off a bit.

I have tried wearing white clothes for Yoga, but there was no effect except for stains on the white clothes. I have tried to tie a knot out of my hair, but didn’t feel the energy flow better than before. And that’s true for most of those things. My teacher keeps telling me that the energy level is higher when you wear white clothes and tie a knot to your hair regardless of your feelings, but meh…why should I do it if I don’t mind at all?

What I like most about regular Yoga is that it keeps me flexible and is a great help to try to stay focussed, just like running. And I like that kind, welcoming attitude in our Yoga room. That’s enough for me though.


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