We arrived back home Monday afternoon and after unpacking the bags and cooking a nice and simple meal, I feel like I’m home again. Perhaps it becomes easier to return after being away if one is away more often!

The days we spent with Leo were amazing. He had sought out a really nice hotel with a spa, and as I predicted, I spent most of my time either at the spa, in the restaurant or in bed 🙂 And I guess in the next week I’ll go for salads, fruits and muesli 🙂

I was totally excited to meet Leo again. He and John meet more often and I try to step back and allow them to indulge in their time together after they waited so many years for each other, but sometimes that’s hard, because I feel for Leo, too. So when we met on Wednesday evening, I was jumpy and nervous, but he was as kind as ever and after one or two hours, I was able to relax and just enjoy us being together again. We went to the restaurant and they offered to make a special meal for me as I don’t eat meat and have difficulties in digesting dairy. And so they did every day!

Leo had booked a suite with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, so that we didn’t have to leave our suite to swap beds 🙂 That was nice, because in most other hotels we have to book two rooms and then step out on the corridor if we want to change rooms, and that of course makes people notice sometimes. For me, that’d be O.K., but both John and Leo like to be a bit more discreet, and that’s why the suite was perfect.

This weekend, I spent most of my time as Blaubeermann, even though when we were in our rooms, I sometimes dressed up as Ginny. That too was in order to not be noticed. I guess there a places where you don’t mind other people’s opinion and others where you try to keep private what’s private. It was O.K. for me, especially in the spa, and when we finally shut the door behind us in the evenings, I was happy to put on make up and dress in pretty things 🙂 Some weeks ago I saw a nice picture on tumblr with a guy wearing a blue panty and blue stockings and with the words added “I don’t mind blue for for boys as long as there’s a lot of lace included!” LOL

Now everything’s back to our usual schedule and John and I are making plans for our next holidays in June. He said he wants to show me his hometown and the area he grew up in, and perhaps we’ll go there (or we might go there in October?). I said I always wanted to travel to Scandinavia, but be objected he doesn’t want to get killed by mosquitoes LOL We’ll see.

For this week, I haven’t planned anything special, just work, Yoga and running. On the weekend, John and I will be attending a BDSM party and therefore I am kept chaste this week, with a nice pink bow added to the Birdlock 😉


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