The Other Side Of The Flogger Pt. 3

Yesterday evening John did something really nice for me to help me get better. And it worked, I really feel better now and want to publish the last part of that Flogger-series.

After I launched my last “Flogger”-entry, I was in doubt whether or not it was helpful and whether or not I was able to express what I had wanted to say. When I talked it over with John, he simple asked: “Does it matter if what you write about is helpful for others?”. Uhm, well. Anyway, today I want to share some insights on what everyday life is like if you’re a 24/7-sub, and of course what I write about is only true for me. Other subs may experience being owned 24/7 in a different way. I have written so much about how being John’s property is in those special, kinky moments, but today, I want to concentrate on the aspect of everyday life.

Being his 24/7-sub means: you get up first. In winter, you take care for the bathroom to heat up so that it’s comfortably warm when he gets up. Put a towel on the heater, so that it’s warm when he needs it. Put some toothpaste on his toothbrush. Check toilet and paper, sink and shower before you leave. No hair or stains allowed.

Make breakfast for him and yourself. He likes coffee and some roasted bread with honey or jam, on the weekends he likes full English breakfast. Prepare a lunch bag for him (I like to put special somethings in it from time to time, like a chocolate bar, a bought pie or whatever, and sometimes I also add little notes, saying I love you or so). The morning is his quiet-time, so keep shut. Offer oral sex while he eats, but don’t expect any. If he approves, you can eat later. Bring his bag, hand him the lunch bag and his jacket. Kiss him goodbye.

Now do your chores. If it’s a day you spend at work, go there, if not, do what you’re supposed to do in and around the house. In case John gave certain tasks to you, get them done. Take care to drink regularly and have a mid-morning snack and lunch as well. Take rests and do something you like (Yoga, reading, surfing the internet, baking, whatever). Take a nap, when you’re feeling tired, because when he gets home, he is not in the mood for a tired sub.

When he arrives home, welcome him. Bring his shoes, take his jacket and his bag. Offer sex, but don’t expect any. Let him rest and bring him a tea or a drink, as demanded. Listen, ask questions, but don’t bother him with your chitchat. When he’s in the mood, he will ask how your day was and listen to you.

Cook dinner and serve it. Be a nice person to talk to. After the meal, do the dishes and get everything clean and neat again. You can make suggestions about the evening program. He will consider your suggestions, but decide for what fits his needs best. If he utters special wishes, be eager to obey (and remember: those sissy knees are meant to meet the floor). If he decides you’re going out, he will tell you what to wear. Again you can make suggestions about where you want to go, but he will decide.

When it’s bedtime, go upstairs before he does. Prepare the bed, set the pillows and the plaid aside and fluff the blankets up. Let fresh air in. Get ready in the bathroom. Check the sink and the toilet. Put some toothpaste on his toothbrush.

When you’re in bed: let him check the news on T.V., do not interrupt. Offer sex, but don’t expect any. If he thinks you should receive a rubdown, you’ll get one. He decides whether you’re allowed to sleep in the bed, whether you’re wearing a plug all night and so on. You may snuggle up inside his arms if he approves.

Finally: be contented and quiet.

I had a hard time writing that down, because during the typing I always thought that even if that’s what it is all about, it sounds so wrong. I guess there’s an immense clash between the written word and my reality, because even if John’s always in charge, he isn’t bossy. He’s not that kind of Dom who treats me like crap, really not. I know he appreciates what I do for him and he appreciates me being submissive. He says, being THAT submissive is a gift and he hopes he is worthy to take it (I think he is!). Moreover, over the years we have come to a lot of silent agreements. Because we know each other so well, we often understand each other without words. So, if John arrives home and just knows I’m not OK, he is immediately there for me and takes care for me. The list above may evoke the illusion of our relationship being static, but it isn’t. I just tried to write down a normal day, but there are hardly any normal days 🙂

I guess one thing that is really different in our relationship is that John expects me to do things no one would expect the other to do in a normal relationship, such as offering sex regularly even f I’m not in the mood or me cleaning up the mess he left in the kitchen when he wanted to cook or so. Well, I know for sure that’s not anybody’s cup of tea, but it’s ours 🙂

If you yourself are in a 24/7-relationship, tell me, what is everyday life like for you? What does your service consist of?


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