Back Early

I’m back a bit earlier than planned, but as soon as the results from the referendum were out, John’s cellphone didn’t turn quiet and he decided we must return home. I’m a bit sad about that, I had loved to stay for longer, but of course I support him.

It’s a bit hard to put my last one and a half week down into some sentences. First of all, we both have difficulties in re-adjusting to everyday life. Our holidays were gorgeous. I’ve heard so much about Britain and have several friends who are in love with the UK that I was wondering what it is all about, and now I know. Clearly the first thing that comes into my mind is that the English are very polite! I guess I can understand much better now what it is all about that “Gentleman thing” in John. It just comes naturally to him. Then, it’s an amazing country with so many beautiful places. The sea, of course, and all those small villages and untamed woods, all the green and the beautiful sky. The English houses are something I needed to get used to. They are built with smaller rooms than German houses, but John explained that most of the British family life takes place in the livingroom, so I get that. There was a lot going on concerning the referendum and you could feel that people were excited and anxious, especially after they published the results.

We had a beautiful lodge just for us, among old birch trees, only 2 mins away from the sea. I had planned to make dinner there most times, but it turned out that most times we went out for dinner or were invited to friends of John. I didn’t complain about that 🙂 In the mornings, we often woke up with the birds and just lay there, holding hands or cuddling and occasionally falling asleep again. It was intense and beautiful, spending so much time with a relaxed John. Clearly he misses the UK and obviously the UK misses him, too. I have met so many nice people he knows from his childhood and adolescence that I wondered how ever he could leave for Switzerland/Germany. He said he needed to get out.

He showed me around his hometown and even the house he lived in as a child and until his parents died. I guess seeing that house again made him somehow sad, and because of that we talked a lot about another person he has lost too early. I suggested he might go to his grave, but John was hesitant, I didn’t force him. He needed to be alone for a while and while he was taking a walk through the woods, I went shopping. In the evening, he told me that he has thought it over and wanted to go to the graveyard, but not alone. He asked me to accompany him, which made me very proud! On the next day, we bought a bouquet with roses and lilies and went to his grave. I don’t want to tell too much, but I could clearly see how much John still misses him. Ugh…

Meeting friends of John’s again was so much fun. They told me some stories I had never heard before, and I guess my sweet husband was quite a brat back in his childhood 😀 I was surprised to find none of his old friends were irritated about John being gay, which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. One woman said that she was sad when she found out because she wanted to be his girlfriend back then 🙂 To be honest, meeting all those nice people who obviously like John made me a bit sad. I guess if I met someone I knew in my childhood, he’d just say I was scum, and probably he’d be right.

One day, we made a trip 70 miles away and for that occasion John asked me to dress gurlish. He knew I felt the urge to, but he had asked me not to do so when meeting his friends and being around his hometown, so I just loved to put make up and a skirt on. It was quite windy and chilly that day, so I wore leggings with my skirt and a jacket. That felt so good! We went sight-seeing and had a nice walk along the beach, then had tea in a cozy tea room, where John read the newspaper and I wrote postcards to friends. In the evening, he invited me to a seaside restaurant, and there I had my first draught of wine in some years now. It was strange, because I felt so well with that, like being a someone, finally, who is able to enjoy wine without falling for alcohol or having to binge-drink. I might drink a bit every now and then, and obviously my stomach was O.K. as well! I guess so many things have changed for me, I might even try some cheese! But I don’t want to rush it anyway.

Speaking of sex, our holidays were gorgeous, but nevertheless exhausting, too 🙂 John had decided that I should put a plug in place as soon as I lay down on the bed and count the hours. He said he’d reward my effort in the end. That way he made sure I was eager to use that plug and I was horny most of the time. As accurate as he is, he made me count hours and minutes and add them up in the end. I was glad my cellphone could do that for me 🙂 All in all, I accomplished almost 78 hours and when we had packed our bags, he handed me the plus again and said if I’d wear it until we were home and until 85 hours were complete, then he’d have a nice little something for me. Ugh! But I did it and now I know that having a plug up your ass doesn’t bother the security checks at the airport 🙂 When we arrived home and I had unpacked the bags, he presented me with another bead for my bracelet, so beautiful! That’s the most amazing souvenir I could have wished for and I love it!

On the other hand, I somehow pity myself, because during the whole trip, Love didn’t sleep with me. He just made me suck him off, sometimes five times a day. Of course I enjoyed it, but giving head and masturbating is not quite the same as having sex with him…but I don’t want to sound unthankful, because I appreciate that he allowed me to climax whenever I wanted to. I don’t know why, but the more I’m Ginny, the less important my own orgasm becomes. Of course I still like cumming, but sometimes I’m all satisfied with just being stimulated and then denied.

All in all, I am so thankful that John allowed me to explore my borders concerning travelling. I would have never thought I’d be able to see so much and travel so far. John suggested we might fly to Thailand in autumn, and that I should go and apply for a passport and have my vaccinations checked. I don’t know if all that’s possible until autumn, but he said if it doesn’t work that quickly, then we’ll go there next spring! I can’t believe it and am scared like hell just thinking about that long flight, but on the other hand it would be a dream coming true. Especially because Thailand is known for its acceptance of gurls. But for now, I’m back home. Now I’ll order pictures online and make a photo album out of them.


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