The other side of John working hard with 18-hours-days being a necessity is that he can spontaneously take a few days off every now and then, apart from his regular holidays. So on August 20th we flew off to Mikonos for ten days. I have not really gotten over my fear of flying yet, but I thinks it’s getting easier the more often I enter a plane.

I guess what I’ll keep in my heart and inner eye forever are the colours of that beautiful island: blue, white and pink. Well, of course there were more colours, but those were so shiny and beautiful. We were at the beach, hung out by the hotel’s pool and for some days, we had a hire car to look round the island. I guess Mikonos is the most attractive place to be in Greece for gay men from around the world, and it was very easy to get into contact with others. In every regard, you know.

Tomorrow, we’ll both be back at work, but for today’s evening we’ve invited A, M and my friends W and M over to have a look at all our photographs and eat selfmade moussaka and lamb chops with us 🙂

In the next days, I’ll post more. Sorry for being away without leaving a note here.


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