Play With My Ball

I love how much effort Master puts into dis-satisfying and surprising me 🙂

Yesterday when he came home, he said he had read my post, and decided to buy something for me to play with. Of course I hoped it would be something nice LOL He reached into his bag and showed me a plastic ball. Itˋs about the size of a grapefruit and pink. For gurls.

He told me that evertime I think of masturbation or sex, I feel horny or want to beg him to fuck me, he supposes me to take that ball into my hands. I am to touch it with every part of my hands and fingers thoughtfully. Then I have to stay like that for 5 minutes. Just a little timeout to think it over and calm down.

When he saw what that ball meant to me (degradation of course, and probably an even increased wish to be allowed to have sex), he just grinned and told me, my first 5 minutes begin right away.

To be honest, I have lost count of how often I had that ball inside of my hands since yesterday. A lot of times, thatˋs for sure. The problem is that I am so much into that discipline-aspect of BDSM and get wet as soon as I just think of the ball. Maybe I can just get it again after sending this. John just added: “now you get to play with one ball at least”. Uhm, yes, Sir.


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