Denied December

My weekend was demanding. Saturday, John brought home someone he regularly fucks with and made me watch them having sex in our marriage bed. I was not allowed to touch myself or take part in any way, I was just there to watch my Master getting satisfied by someone else. That sweet pain… When they were finished, they ordered something to eat and some drinks, then they did it again, this time in the tub, with me watching again, desperate and horny like hell. I swear, my clit just hurt from watching and twitching. Later, they did it in our bed again, and eventually Master uttered how satisfied he was but that it wasn’t my merit. Well, then they decided the other would stay over night, right where he was, while I could choose between the floor or the sofa downstairs…I chose the sofa and cried myself to sleep. I hurt so bad and so wonderful and I was so horny, I almost wanted to rip my heart out.

Sunday morning, they made sure they did it again right before my eyes, and they kept kissing and flirting until the other had to go. When the door shut behind him, Master came to me, looked at me and said “you know, De-cember could be denied-December…”. Well, and that was just too much for me, I completely fell out of my role and had a good old breakdown. Ugh. I just could no longer take it. And there it proved again what a kind, loving Dom I have. He hugged and kissed me, was there for me, just held me close, until I had finally stopped crying. He let his hand wander down to my clit, stroked it very gently, until I could feel it wanting to grow. He kept rubbing me gently, whispering cute and awful things to me, pinched my tits for the very first time in weeks…and I just squirted a full load. For the first time ever I managed to really cum while still in the Birdlock.

John was bemused, examined my spunk all over me and the floor, then clicked his tongue. “If it wasn’t No-vember, I’d have to say that you were a fine young lady…but you know how it is…what you were told, right?”. Right, no cumming in No-vember, Sir. “Right, Missy. You just earned you a denied December. Now get that cleaned up. I’m very disappointed.”

Then he left for his office and didn’t talk to me until the evening. I then told him how sorry I was and that I was surprised by that outburst as well. I think he believed me, but nonetheless he won’t accept me disrespecting his orders. And that again made my clit twitch…


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