December Already

No-vember has been so hard for me this year, especially in mental concerns. I know many people would think John is pushing me too far and is acting too violent on me, but I like it that way. It’s just that sometimes I feel vulnerable and sensitive, and the more denied I am, the more I come into contact with feelings I usually wank away. Since I’m Ginny more often, I’m more in contact with that sensitive side of me, and that’s challenging sometimes.

Now we’re into December and I can’t believe how quickly 2016 will be over. For me, it’s been a good year, though I could not accomplish all I had wanted to. John had told me I had earned me a denied December and I was really mad about that. Yesterday evening it turned out that he had just wanted to increase my frustration and that I’m not to endure another month of chastity. I’m very happy about that 😀

Leo will be visiting us from tomorrow until Tuesday and I’m really looking forward to seeing him again 🙂 Unfortunately we won´t be able to spend Christmas together this year, but we’ll meet again in January. We have decided to spend a week in Switzerland, combining seeing Leo with some ski holidays for my sporty husband. Also, we have talked about another trip together in March or April, but that’s not decided yet, because John will be away quite often during spring, as well professional as for a golf vacation in New Zealand. In June, John and I will go on a vacation together, perhaps just to the Netherlands or so, and in autumn we might finally fly to Thailand. I’m excited about that, because to be honest, I somehow think about consulting a doctor there and try to get as many information as possible about having boob surgery there. But only if my wish to have boobs still exists then, of course. Well, until now it’s unbroken, really.

For December, John gave me two different advent calendars. One with plain chocolate, the other with kinky tasks, and I love that so much! I’m just a bit sad that he didn’t want one either, but I hope he likes what I make out of his tasks 🙂


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