Bad Gurl

I’ve been a bad gurl recently and John thought I might learn my lesson better by writing and telling you about it. The following text is part of my punishment this week. You know, love hurts…

He had the annual Christmas party at work this Monday and had asked me to pick him up. I was told to wear nothing but a very slutty piece of lingerie and a large butt plug with a warm coat over it. He expected me to wait in the car and be on time. The knack was that he told me to meet a friend I know from my Yoga lessons before picking him up and going to the Christmas market with him. I was supposed to let this friend take a quick and “random” glance at what I was wearing underneath. Oh, I had hated that idea from the beginning. Usually I’m quite open about what a slut I am, but Yoga is a sort of other part of my life, even though they know I get my nails done. But I’m really trying carefully not to let them know I wear girls’ undies and so on.

First of all, I was surprised by how cold it actually was with just a sweet nothing under the coat and even with socks, boots, a scarf and a hat on! I was glad to get hold of warm food and actually two cups of kid’s punch. My Yoga friend and I were chatting along nicely, but the longer we just stood and talked, the more insecure I got. I really did not want to do it. I felt like I could not, because I thought it might destroy what he thinks about me, and I wanted him to really like me. You know, I think when I’m doing Yoga or are in a class or am together with my Yoga mates, then I’m another person, more like a normal guy. You all know how much I actually struggle with being the slut I am, even though I can’t help it.

To put the long story short, I didn’t do it and didn’t complete the task my Master gave to me. I have disappointed him and chose to be disobedient. It was my failure. I was unable to fulfill that simple task because I’m a dumb whore and a pathetic performer.

When I picked up Master, he just had to look into my eyes to know I failed. I felt so ashamed, but I excused and told him why I had not been able to do so, while I was already driving us home. For a while he didn’t reply and that’s the worst because I can feel him getting mad at me. He told me where to drive and I know it was not for home. On a semi-public parking lot he made me park the car and get out. I had to undress my coat and it was really cold! He told me to bend over and spanked me there right away, first with his hand, then with his belt, paying no attention to the other cars passing by. I thought someone would stop, but even though some passed us slowly, nobody did. He only stopped when my ass was bloody and my clit was throbbing. I was allowed to get back in the coat and get driving again. And again he fell silent. I knew it wasn’t over yet.

Later at home he fucked me relentlessly, I really felt like being ripped apart, and I liked that. “So you didn’t want him to know you’re a slut?”. I nodded my head, getting hit in the face for that. “You didn’t want him to know you’re a little fucktoy for anybody?”. The sweet and malicious voice he used made my clit twitch again. He pressed his mouth against my ear, whispering “I have news for you then. Dogging on the weekend, with your ass being really, really red. You’ll be serving any cock presented to you, and I don’t mind if they’re nasty or ugly. Got that, whore?”. I got it. “We’ll let everyone know about you. And I know you like that”. Oh damn, I do…

Eventually he sentenced me to chastity and daily spankings until Saturday. I’m as horny and willing to be publicly raped as a fuckwhore must be. I can’t wait to serve a lot of cock as that’s my purpose in life. I want you to know that even if I’m pretending I’m a normal guy, I am not. I am just a dumb, worthless rapewhore and that gets me hard.


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