On the past Saturday I had my awaited punishment and John kept his word. My ass was raw and in fact still is, though taking care for it properly makes it heal up quite well each time (no creams or bandages, just a lot of air to help the skin dry and daily showering with blowing it dry afterwards, that’s indeed the whole trick. And of course good nutrition with a lot of water to drink, fresh fruits and veg).

In the gay community, there are two main opinions about crossdressers like me, roughly said. Some just hate crossdressers and guys who love to wear feminine underwear and accessory, and there are events where they give out the strict advice not to attend when you’re dressed up. Some others love all about crossdressers and trannies in general, and most of them are a bit older, 40+. The guys I love most, though I regard guys of my age (40) as too young for me. I have a crush for men from about 50 to 65 recently, but I have met some younger and some elder who were awesome, too.

Most times, dogging is about having sex with radomly appearing strangers, but sometimes you can make appointments beforehand. Depending on the dogging point you want to attend, it’s sometimes a better option to make an announcement to make sure there are enough guys around who like to fuck a crossdressing bitch like me. And for Saturday, John had prepared everything nicely. To be honest with you, I think it’s a part of his kink to plan anything nicely 🙂

He had me dress up with ouvert panties and a bra (no fake tits allowed, he wanted them to mock me for my pathetic small tits). No lube, no warnings, no help, just raw fucking and serving. I love rough sex, but nevertheless being gangraped is a thing that might overwhelm me, so I need John near to make sure I get through it alright. Alright actually means he takes care for the guys to use a condom when penetrating my asscunt and staying clean. No blood, no needles or whatever. Because I know he’s taking care for that, I can truly dive into that experience, and at some point I would not even be able to stay in charge.

The pain and degradation are two of my main kinks and it really turns me on to be fucked by a guy while another who had fucked me before cums right into my face. That sticky, smelly cum all over me, smearing my make up, is incredibly gorgeous 🙂 John took a lot of pictures. Later he said he might consider getting a mug made for me with a picture of myself covered in cum on it, and I love the idea 🙂 The best thing, I had two orgasms on Saturday and they were so violent, it hurt.

Being fucked by so many didn’t do my red ass good. It was really painful afterwards from all the hits and touches and juices, but when the last one was done with me and I was wrapped up in a huge towel not to get stains on the car-seats, I felt tired and damn satisfied.

Later home I got back into the device and I guess I’ll stay denied for some more days, though I hope I might cum again on Christmas. Anyway, I hope I left no doubt about what I really am: just a cum rag, there for the pleasure of real men.


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