Happy Holidays!

Sometimes being among strangers as a crossdresser is kind of weird and it even may lead to situations in which I feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I misjudge situations and people and what I think is a potentially harmful environment turns out to be welcoming and vice versa. In everyday life, my crossdressing is quite discreet. I don’t want to be mistaken for a hooker, even though that’s part of my and John’s kink. In everyday life, I just love to be Ginny and you know that she’s become a very important part of me. Ginny isn’t a whore, she’s just cute, shy and a bit giggly and she likes John to be a gentleman and so on. Perfect clothes for Ginny in everyday life are for example chinos with a cute jacket and sneakers or, if the occasion is right, a skirt or dress with cute sandals and so on.

I guess the most challenging part of being among people as a crossdresser is getting the body language right. Men and women have different ways to behave, to move and to gesture, and I think you can tell right away when you see me, even from behind, that I’m a guy and not a girl, even though I’ve gotten better over time. Well, and being quite tall and having a male physique doesn’t quite help 🙂 I think for a man, I am quite slim, but still I have wider shoulders then women tend to have and longer arms and so on. And how well I do as a woman is a question of how I feel as well. Sometimes when I’m weary or nervous, I tend to fall back into my normal body language, and when I’m relaxed and most times when John is with me, I’m better.

So, yesterday John and I were out to shop for what we’ll need during the following days and I was dressed up as Ginny, but I felt a bit uncomfortable. Shops were full and people were a bit stressed out, and I tried my best not the attact attention in a negative way. It wouldn’t have marvelled me if someone would have said not so nice things to me, but then I got my own little Christmas surprise. I was scrambling about in a box of salads to find me one with not so many wilted leaves on, when I felt someone standing next to me. I looked up and saw it was a woman, about my age. She smiled at me and asked me to hand her one good salad, too, and then she smiled again, thanked me and added conspirationally: “I think you do very well…I mean, you look beautiful. Merry Christmas!” in German. I was so baffled, then I had to smile. That was so cute 🙂

Tomorrow evening we’ll be visiting my brother and sister-in-law. My brother asked me to come “like my brother”, so no crossdressing obviously. On the 25th we’ll meet A and M for lunch and my friend W and his partner M for dinner, and on the 26th we’ll see my brother and sister-in-law for dinner again. Busy days ahead.

I know I don’t have many followers, but I wish you all joyful Christmas and happy holidays!


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