Between Days

Christmas was very exhausting this year and I think I’m glad when we’re all back to normal next week. In fact, I am happy to work between the holidays. Tomorrow I’ll be in from 8 to 12, then again on Monday. I found it challenging to cope with the high expectations my brother and his wife have towards Christmas. I do understand they want to celebrate it and I do understand that they expect me (or us) to fit into that need. But I too feel that even doing my best isn’t good enough, because I am “different”, for whatever that’s supposed to mean. During the hoidays I have to cope with a lot of bad memories coming up and to be honest with a lot of self-pity about how and who I might have been as well.

Meeting W and M on Christmas was so much easier for me, and it was because I could be the gurl I am with them. M had prepared the most delicious japanese fondue ever, for them with meat and fish, for me without. I even had two small glasses of wine and did well with them.

Even though John and I don’t make each other big gifts, he presented me with a beautiful pearl for the Pandora bracelet and he even wrote me a cute card, which is very unusual, to say thanks for anything I do for him and let him do, with or without me.

Tomorrow we’ll be visiting W and M again who have also invited some other friends over. I think I couldn’t start better into the new year.

I want to thank anybody who sticks with me here and wish you a healthy and happy new year!


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