Shock Collar

From his short stay in the UK this week Master has brought something for me: a shock collar. I’ve wanted one for ages, but it seems the people in Germany love their doggies too much to actually shock them. No big deal to buy a collar with signals or vibrations here, but of course I wanted one John could really hurt me with. You know, I believe in dictatorial parenting style 🙂

Every now and then I love to wear collars anyway. The provide me with a feeling of being safe and held, you know, so I own some. Some are made of leather, others are just dog collars and I also have a choke collar I adore, beause that really hurts if handled the right way. Sometimes John likes to keep me on a lead, so why not give that shock collar a try?

First of all, it’s surprinsingly light weight and I love the way it feels on my skin. To work properly, it has to be worn near to the skin. On the remote, you can adjust the tension from 000 to 100. 10 feels like a soft pinch, like if you’re bruising your elbow a bit, and 100 is like someone’s ripping your neck apart LOL I quite like that. Best of all, even when I get shocked, Master doesn’t feel it, which is superpractical when he shocks me while he sucks me. It’s just a bit stressful to try not to bite him if he shocks me while I have his cock inside my mouth.

Of course we had to try to shock my cocklette and that REALLY hurts a lot. But I love that anyway. And apart fom this afternoon when we met with my brother and his wife I’ve been wearing my collar all the time. It’s so cute to be shocked while preparing lunch and know John is thinking of me while he’s in the office next door 🙂


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