My Friend Ugly

It’s been a long time since I last acutually used my cock to fuck anyone. My last real attempts to be the active part must have taken place a long time before I even met John, and I don’t really recall it. It’s just not my piece of cake, like, wanking is alright, but actually fucking someone feels weird and not O.K. for a slut like me. You know, I’m the one to get fucked and used, not vice versa 🙂

I’ve been locked in the Bordlock for a while now and when John told me that on the weekend I was to get some relief, I was nervous and ravenous as well. On Saturday evening he brought me a small packet that contained a blow-up-doll, you know, a really ugly and cheap one which didn’t even have a wig. He told me to blow it up. It is about 1,50 m and has scratchy seams. It’s just really cheap.

He then told me that her name is Ugly and that he bought her as a friend for myself. “So you are Ugly and Useless now. Wow, you’re great together”. He said that in the next ten days my job would be to take care for Ugly, smooching wnd kissing with her and if I was really nice towards her, I might get to fuck her.

So I am nice towards her. I take her under the shower with me and wash her. I let her sleep in my bed, even if Ugly’s scratchy seams hurt me. I stroke her titties and lick her cunt and ass. John loves to watch me pleasing Ugly and it arouses me beyond words to use my energy to please that doll while my husband won’t let me give him BJs and doesn’t even kiss me. He watches me with disgust, just like you would watch a dog humping a pillow. And that’s so hot.

John promised to let me fuck Ugly next weekend, if I maintain my good behaviour. It’s a fact that I’m not sure whether I want to fuck Ugly, but I like the thought of being denied and having to fuck a doll in order to get a little pleasure. Just like a dumb dog. Woof!


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