I Fucked Ugly

Yesterday was my big day. After I had taken care for Ugly for a week, Master announced  I would be allowed to hump Ugly in the evening. But he added that beforehand I’d get a special treatment.

So, in the evening he released me from the Birdlock and told me to get romantic with Ugly in our wedding bed. To be honest, after a week of pretending I’m in love with an ugly fuckdoll it was not really weird any more. I kissed and cuddles Ugly the best I could and I got a stiffy immediately. Master said that was pathetic, but the humiliation during the past week didn’t leave me uneffected, right?

Finally John came over and rubbed numbing creme onto my cocklette. It takes a few minutes to numb it really, but it kicked in right away. For some reason it turns me on if he takes care of me with rubbing creme onto me or cleaning my ass with a tissue after he fucked me. It’s so humiliating and delicate at the same time…

He told me to go on with Ugly, lick her cunt so that she would get wet. He took care of that with some lube, telling me that obviously I was a good cuntlicker because Ugly got excited. Then he told me to fuck her. “Use that pathetic sissy prick on your toy”. I did. I was so aroused, but when I entered Ugly, I got mad. I didn’t feel much. I could feel my balls banging against her, but even if my clitty was hard, I could not really feel anything.

“You got 60 seconds to make yourself cum. If you don’t accomplish, it’s another week of chastity”, he announced, and I did my best banging Ugly like a desperate monkey while ignoring John standing right beside me and looking at his watch.

I didn’t make it. Not at all. Not even when he allowed me some more time, to take pictures of me. When he locked me back in, I was only frustrated. That was it. Later he fucked me and told me how pathetic and embarrassing I was. Now I am to take care for Ugly another week and I’m so horny. It’s nice that a plastic fuckdoll gets more pleasure than I do. In case you didn’t notice: I’m a worthless cunt and do as my Master says. Just like he said: I triple my worth with a load of his cum inside my ass.

Thank you, Honey.


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