Chastity Chit Chat

I’m still in chastity as I still wasn’t able to cum when humping Ugly. On the last weekend John added another minute to make it somehow easier for me, but when I couldn’t do it, he looked at me that sad and disgusted way to creeps under my skin. The problem is that I’m way beyond horny and somehow feel like I’d have to explode. I feel aggressive and moody and sometimes I rub my caged cocklette, but that makes it even worse. It’s those feelings that are the most difficult to bear, because one part of me feels like quitting it all and asking John to please free my dick and never lock me in again.

I try to distract myself from the permanent thought of cumming, sex and that stuff by keeping me busy. I run a lot these days and I’m still working more hours. I meet with friends and go to my Yoga class, work in the garden and try to be a good fucktoy for Master, which momentarily means only BJs because he refuses to fuck me.

On the next weekend Leo will be with us, and he will stay some days. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again. Right after Leo will be gone, John will be off for some days golfing in Mallorca and at the end of the month the two of us will travel to England for a week. It’s just a little downtime as Love had much work lately. In November, we’ll be travelling to Thailand and I’m nervous about that. You know, they’ve got the most beautiful ladyboys there and John already annouced that if he likes them better than me he will only fuck them there, not me. I guess it’s not hard being more beautiful than me.

All in all I feel a little depressed right now, especially as the weather is so nice and I’d love to have sex outside.


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