Getting Back On Track

Ten days into punishment and I want to give a quick update on how I am now.

First of all, I’m feeling a lot better, both mentally and physically. During the first four days when I had to sleep on the floor in front of our bed, I felt miserable, but when I was allowed back into bed, I understood why John chose this punishment for me. It made me feel achy and worthless, but when he welcomed me back in our bed, I immediately felt better. As if I had lost all the warmth inside myself and my body during I starved myself and as if it was brought into consciousness while sleeping on the floor and as if it all at once came back to me when being allowed to sleep in bed again. Moreover, sleeping on the floor caused immense pain in my joints and in my back, and from day 2 on I had a grim headache.

Adapting to his menu was difficult, especially during the first three to five days. I had to struggle with the amount of food after starving myself, and I so missed coffee and sugar! I felt like going on cold turkey and that made me feel even worse than only sleeping on the floor would have done. Maybe this caffeine withdrawal made my headache even worse, I don’t know. Having to stem five meals a day plus drinking 2.5 litres of water doesn’t come easy to me normally, but being told to follow this plan after fasting was vicious. During the first three days I had to struggle not to throw up, and I did once, and that’s why John added another meal, later in the evening.

Additionally he told me that he thinks I’m an unattractive bitch when I’m too skinny, just a scarecrow in his eyes. He’s very strict about that and I don’t doubt he means what he says. But when he tells me the truth in this way, it hurts my feelings, and I think it’s supposed to. He told me that next time I’ll have the brilliant idea of starving myself, he himself will feed me cold, bland porridge with a dipper until it comes out of my ears again. To be honest, the thought of that makes my clit itch, but I know I wouldn’t enjoy it if he really did.

After day 5, 6 or 7 (it was more like a process, really) I was over the cold turkey and able to think and act better. I still have immense cravings when John brews his coffee and I can smell it, but that’s alright I guess. Maybe he allows me coffee when the 14 days are over.

John didn’t allow me weigh control, but I can feel that I piled on a bit. I hope he allows me back to normal food and quantity after those 14 days. I really fear I might get too fat. On the other hand, I have to admit that I feel better now, in some kind of way. I’m not feeling cold or unconcentrated. S I guess his menu works for me.

Chastity is quite a problem for me this time. I’m used to prolonged episodes of chastity, but nevertheless sex and masturbation are good ways to relax and release stress.  Just knowing that I’m in strict chastity makes the daily spankings even more exciting. Feeling that itching between my legs and not being able to do anything about it is sometimes very nice and sometimes very hard, even more because John doesn’t even allow me to get fucked or suck him off. It’s hard hearing him masturbate or feeling his thrusts when he’s in bed right next to me and not be allowed to be part of that. Uhm, yes, I’m truly addicted to his beautiful, perfect cock and being kept from pleasing him hurts my feelings and makes me feel desperate.

So, do I like this punishment? Not at all. Do I think it’s good for me to bring me back on track, make me feel like the owned slave I am and make healthier choices? Absolutely.



Why I Did It

In the past few days I’ve been a bad gurl and did some things my Master didn’t want me to do. I stuffed my face with unhealthy food, then I starved myself for some time without being honest about it. I didn’t shower myself every day. I cut myself. I didn’t go to my Yoga class, neither I went running. Instead I numbed myself with binge-watching stupid stuff on Netflix. I didn’t do all my chores as I’m supposed to. And worst of all, I tried to ask John not to fuck me when he needed relief. So, as a punishment, he left me home alone with the order to write this here and explain why I did it while he is having fun with another guy who wants to be the obedient fuckdoll I should always be for him.

I let myself go in the past days because I wasn’t able to feel myself properly. I thought it wouldn’t do me any harm to eat sugary rubbish and before I knew what had happened, I had eaten so much of it that I felt sick (2 bags of Katjes, almost 1 bag of marshmallow-stuff, 2 slices of cake, 3 bars of chocolate, some cookies and some ice cream). I have to admit I was a greedy pig. When I felt the nausea kick in, I wanted to vomit it all out again, but it didn’t work and I didn’t want anyone to hear me. So I thought it would be best to eat nothing for a few days to cure my nausea and not to get fat. I lied to John when he asked me why I didn’t eat anything for dinner. I said I wasn’t hungry and had already eaten. I’m supposed to always be honest to him, and I lied several times. I know it’s an unhealthy behaviour for me as I struggle with eating disorders, but I just drank water and some coffee for almost 4 days.

I didn’t shower myself because I couldn’t bear to look at me naked. I was disgusted by myself and didn’t want to see my ugly body naked. When I got naked when I attempted to take a shower, I could not bear myself and took a kitchen knife to cut myself. I started by just touching myself with the blade, then I cut into my left arm and into my chest, but most times into my arm. I had hoped for it to relief my self-hatred, but it did not. Later on I hated myself for the cuts and tried to hide them away from John. I know that was another lie, because a lie is not only something wrong you say but also something you keep for yourself or hide away.

I didn’t go to my Yoga class nor did I do other sports during this week because I just felt numb and pitied myself. It was easier to let myself go than to take care for me in a proper, adult way. By that I disobeyed the rules given to me by my Master with great care, and I feel ashamed for that. I knew better, but I chose to be a lazy pig instead of a good person. I know I am supposed to keep my body in good, healthy shape for my Master and for myself, so that I can function in the best way to please my Master and have a good life.

When I stayed at home, I chose to watch Netflix for hours instead of fulfilling my tasks. I have not cleaned the toilet and the sink daily, I have not taken the litter out daily, I have not pressed Master’s trousers, I have not mopped the kitchen floor, I have not cleaned my car and I have not scrubbed the cooker properly. I only cooked dinners for my Master to pretend I was eating normally. That too was a lie, because I pretended normality.

When John wanted to have his right to use my body for his pleasure, I only was obedient twice. I asked him several times not to use me and told him lies about the reasons. I said I had talked about bad memories during my therapeutic session, which wasn’t true. I only lied to him because I knew he would accept the given reason. I used his integrity against himself, which makes me not only a liar but also shows what a nasty, dumb pig I am. I have violated the most important rule that exists in our relationship: be honest and upright. I hurt my Master’s feelings in a obnoxious, dishonourable way.

When John found out what I did and did not do this week and he asked me about it, I tried to lie about it again and play it all down. I only admitted everything I’ve done and I’ve not done when he put pressure upon me. I’m disappointed by myself because I should know better.

My punishments are:

  1. having to have written “LIAR” on my forehead until I have to go to work on Monday
  2. publishing an honest confession on my blog, while John is having his well-earned relief with someone else
  3. having my Netflix account blocked out for a month by having John change my password
  4. having to sleep on the floor for four days, because pigs are not allowed in bed
  5. tight chastity for two weeks
  6. eating more than usual, according to what Master tells me, for two weeks. Healthy food and water only. No coffee, no sweets.

I know I didn’t only hurt myself this week, but I also hurt the man I love more than my life. I know he can only take care for me properly when I’m completely honest to him. I broke the rules he lovingly gave to me to improve not only our relationship but also my life. I hurt his feelings in an abominable way by telling lies and I feel ashamed about that. I wish I had not done it. I am awfully sorry, Sir. Please, will You forgive me?

Try Not To Hurt Myself

Yesterday evening I had a chat with a T-gurl from the U.S. We’ve been texting for some months now and she has told me that it’s her biggest dream to be allowed to go on chemical castration by testosterone blockers, and later on she wants to take estrogen to develop a more female physique and yes, boobies. Since last week she has accomplished her first goal and is now on testosterone blockers. She told me her doctor fully approved of her decision and that he supports her thoroughly. Well, I have to admit that I feel a bit jealous and even sad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad she can fulfill her dreams and all, but I still feel like here in Germany there’s nobody there to support me. If I was a transgirl, then things would be different, but there’s not much understanding for people like me who don’t fit in. I had even one doctor telling me I should decide whether I wanted to be a man or a woman. I mean, seriously? Sometimes I feel it would be the best for me to “just” give up being a part time boy, part time gurl, but I can’t. When I try to stop being Ginny, I get depressed and tend to hurt myself, so what is it good for?

Saturday night John and I attended a private BDSM party. Beforehand he told me I could suck and fuck with whoever I wanted, but no cumming for me, not even Sissygasms. To be honest, I’ve become quite successful in cumming by being fucked alone and I love it 🙂 Anyway, by the end of this evening I could add a lot of points and stickers to my list, and I felt so good and used afterwards. Lately I’m thinking a lot about the fact that I can really feel myself when I get used and that I have difficulties to feel myself in everyday life. I guess there are more psychological explainations for that, but I like to think of myself as a whore who feels happy about herself when she’s doing her job right.

At the moment I sincerely consider if chemical castration might be a thing for me. It would make erections harder to archieve and softer in general, so chastity and sissification would feel more natural, and it even could lead to some sort of breast growth. But on the other hand, I’m still really concerned about the fact that a low testosterone level might make me more depressed and lead to more self-harm and stuff.

Next month John and I will be in Thailand and in some ways I fear being confronted with all the beautiful ladyboys there. I know I will envy them. Before we go there I will go to see a surgeon in Poland who obviously doesn’t care if I’m not trans and maybe after the holidays in Thailand I might finally come to a decision due to boobies. For a while now I find it hard to deal with the impulse to cut or otherwise hurt my flat chest, but John keeps telling me that if I add scars to the scars I already have, it might keep doctors from wanting to perform surgery on me. Yeah, I know he’s right, but anway, it’s hard. Especially when John denies to hurt me because he thinks I’m too open or vulnerable.



For a while now John and I draw a lot of pleasure from letting other men, preferably older man, use me. When we were in Greece he allowed a guy to fuck me in return for a Coke, and I still get turned on by the thought of that. Every once in a while John takes me to gay dogging spots near us where I get used by as many blokes as possible. If I manage to cum by getting fucked it’s nice, if not it doesn’t matter to John.

Over the years I have struggled an awful lot with the fact that I get turned on when I get used as the whore I am and I guess with what my father did it’s no real surprise at all. But with John who is always there to take care for me I feel it’s safe to be a whore. Moreover, since he’s in my life I really insist on safer sex (but still I love to swallow and have cum all over me).

For him it’s obviously a kick to have me fucked like a whore, like it doesn’t matter. It’s a nice training for me to be at service, always available, always willing and not allowed to say no. He likes to be in charge and he loves to humiliate me by making me feel worthless. And I totally love being used by whoever wants to fuck me. Perfect match.

Now he had an adorable idea. He gave me a sort of list with several columns. If I make him cum with my mouth, I get a point and for five points, I get a sticker. 20 stickers, then this column is done. If I make him cum by fucking me, I get a point and for 5 points, I get a sticker. 25 stickers and this column is done, too. If I make a stranger cum either with my mouth or by letting him fuck me, I get a point as well. 3 points make 1 sticker and I need 20 stickers to complete the list. As soon as the list is completed, he will pay me with a Pandora bead for my bracelet. This way I can wear my sluttiness 🙂

Lately he was thinking about restricting other things like sweets or so and have me earn them by tasks. I totally love this idea!