Humiliating Clothes

Yesterday’s note in my Advent calender said I should dress in humiliating clothes and go to work like this. So I did today. In my opinion there are different kinds of humiliating wardrobe, for example all the slutty stuff that merely covers my body and tells everyone what a whore I am. On the other hand, quite normal looking wardrobe can be humiliating as well, for example if it’s too tight or too short or by any means silly.

For me it’s very important how I look. Not that I’m really vain, but I fear to look ridiculous. I don’t really like to put shirts inside my trousers for example, because I think that makes my ass look fat. And I don’t like short trousers when I wear men’s clothes. There are more things I usually avoid. I think this is connected to my childhood and youth when my father decided what I had to wear. He loved to give me clothes that were numbers too big for me and he always said that’s because I will grow quickly and then fit into. I never did, I just looked stupid. On the other hand, when I grew older, he made me wear too small shoes so that my feet hurt all the time and today I have trouble with corns and all. So as you can see, there are a lot of possibilities for humiliating clothes.

For today I chose to wear a diaper with a tight jeans and a pullover that ends just above the ass, so that I thought my diapers were really good to spot. I was nervos when I got to work, but I found that as long as you yourself pretend that everything’s normal nobody seems to care. When you start to show insecurity or even worse, if you begin to apologize for what you are wearing, then people sense that there’s something wrong. I was nervous and felt uncomfortable, but all went well. John liked the picture I sent him 🙂

Today’s note said that hidden in a kitchen drawer I’d find a new toy to stuff my arse with. What I found on the designated spot was a very hard and spiky massage ball. Ugh. I know this will hurt, especially when I’ll try to get it out again, just like the chestnuts do every autumn.



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