Not Allowed On The Sofa

Two days ago I picked a note from John’s advent calender which stated: “From now on until Xmas the dog is not allowed on the sofa”. When I was embarrassed by it, John had to laugh real hard and said I look disappointed. He thought I should look happy because I only picked it on December 11th and not earlier. I know he was right and I was ungrateful.

So since Monday I’m sitting on the floor when I’m in the livingroom. I’m not even allowed to have a blanket, because my blanket is in my car now. Why? Because the dog surely isn’t allowed on the car seats as well! But as the dog needs to go to work and do its chores, it has to be able to drive its car. That’s why.

Sometimes he throws me a Spekulatius cookie and I have to take it with my mouth off the floor. It gets me wet and horny to be treated like that and like any good dog I’m obedient and sweet.


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