Home Alone and Unfucked

I can’t recall how often I’ve had this now: me at home, doing chores, and Master somewhere out there, having fun with others. The decent stitch it gives me knowing that he prefers someone else to me will never get boring. I love being the denied housewife, not good enough for Master. I love how satisfied he looks when he comes home late at night, while I remain pitifully unfucked and desperately in heat. I love it when he tells me how cute the other one was and how well he made him cum, and that he had to struggle to keep hard when his thoughts touched me. I mean, knowing your husband prefers to fuck others would only be half as ticklish when he didn’t tell you right in the face what a pathetic cunt you are, wouldn’t it?

While he fucks others, I clean his house. While he fucks others, I press his shirts and trousers. While he fucks other, I put up fresh towels in the bathroom, so that he can take a shower, when he comes home.

Do I hope to get back one of my treasures? Surely not. Not for such normal duties.



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