Earning It Back

To earn my pendant with that horsey back, I have agreed to do the following:

  • one week fully plugged, going for 24/7
  • during this week I’ll pump my titties each day for 30 minutes (2×15)  minimum
  • no masturbation at all, just T&D
  • no blowjobs, no sex at all

The week started last Tuesday, so today is only day 2. And I had not taken into account that wearing a plug this long is not only kinky af, but it also leaves my asscunt raw due to the friction. Ouchi. I had also not thought of how annoying Yoga would be this way. John smiled at me mildly when I told him and said that only proved once again that I’m no good in thinking. Literally he said “there’s a reason why you sell vegetables, Honey” 🙂


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