After one week of prostituting myself I had been given 85 euros. Though I asked all men for money, most of them refused to give me money (perhaps a dogging spot isn’t ideal for making money). Some just laughed, others were offended. One elderly guy gave me 20 euros, but that was very generous. The normal amount, if any, were 5-10 euros. In week one I’ve had 17 guys and had no orgasm myself. To be honest, I deeply questioned this task Master gave to me. When I showed him the money I had made, he drew the conclusion that the spot wasn’t ideal or that I’m too ugly or not good enough as a whore. He sent me to prostitute myself one more week and do better.

I decided to do two things: change the location and offer sex for a tip online as well. During week two I had sex with 22 men. They presented me with 270 euros. I found that web-thing really worked well. Last Wednesday I have met five guys in a row and they were all generous.

On Sunday evening I handed all the money to John and he was pleased. He asked me whether I had had an orgasm, but I had not had. He told me that obviously I’m a good whore: focussing on the pleasure of the guest without getting pleasure myself. When he said that, I melted in lust. I know my task here on earth is to serve, and I love how humiliated I feel when my needs are overseen…

I asked him what he wanted to do with the money, 355 euros in total. He smiled and said that he had thought about going on a vacation with one of his other guys while I had to stay at home (I thought that was cruel and beautiful at the same time). But he actually had decided to spend the money on a vacation with me. I know I haven’t made enough money to pay for much, but I’m happy and proud that he thinks I did good 🙂

So now John has booked a nice last minute trip for us: on Thursday we’ll be driving to Lake Wolfgang in Austria again and go hiking a lot. I’m very contented 🙂


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